Wednesday, July 2, 2008

JUL 02

Last weekend in New York was one of those where the party started on friday afternoon and went till sunday night. I know Atomly's crazy ass didn't sleep the whole time. At some point he ended up playing this mix on a boat in Queens.
Here is the tracklist:
seth troxler and patrick russell - doctor of romance - circus company
maratrax - funk me (original mix) - oslo
miss fitz - raspberries - unreleased
red nail - i think of you (shaun reeves edit) - unreleased
efdemin - lohn and brot (sebo k mix) - liebe detail spezial
sebo k ft. prosumer - moved (prosumer stop dub) - mobilee
efdemin - just a track - dial
laverne radix - dick control - unreleased
van valen - wobbly h - unreleased
samim ft. big bully - paspd - circus company
audion - snap into it - spectral
function - disaffected - unreleased
atomly - deepspace - unreleased